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By:  V. Grounds
“But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this?Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.” – 1 Chron. 29:14 (NIV)
John Hauberg and his wife live in a stunning home in Seattle. It is built mostly of glass inside and out. Hundreds of glass artifacts decorate the light-flooded rooms, and even the sinks, shelves, and mantelpieces are made of glass.
You might think that the Haubergs would be in constant fear that something would break. On the contrary, they invite visitors to roam freely throughout their entire home. John is also a connoisseur of Native American crafts, but he has donated his entire collection to the Seattle Art Museum. His motive is not to hoard but to share. “I’m not an owner,” he says. “I am a caretaker.”
John Hauberg’s comment expresses in a simple sentence a basic biblical principle that applies to all our possessions: We aren’t owners; we are caretakers. Legally, of course, …


By:  J. Gordon
There was a time in most of our lives when we had no fear-that feeling when we jumped from the jungle gym and slammed our little bodies to the ground. Perhaps it was when we went on our first roller coaster, or when we were in high school or college and felt that there was nothing we couldn’t do. No goal was unattainable. We were an unstoppable force that would think of something and then make it happen. Then, as time goes by, the world tells us more frequently that we can’t do what we want. The doubters laugh at our goals and try to persuade us from going after our dreams.
They say, “You’re crazy. It’s too hard. Why don’t you do this instead? You should play it safe.” They act as if dreams were meant for others but not people like us. They surround us with negative energy and try to instill their own fears and insecurities in us. We not only begin to know the word “fear,” we start to understand what it’s like to be fearful. With so many people telling us we can’t do some…


By:  John L. M.
Never give up on what you know you really should do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts. Remember overnight success takes about ten years. The "man of the hour" spent many days and nights getting there. Consider the man who said "My overnight success was the longest night of my life." Winners simply do what losers don't want to do.
In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins - not through strength but perseverance. Christopher Morley says, "Big shots are only little shots that keep shooting".
Judas was an example of someone who began the good fight but lacked persistence. Many of the world's great failures did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Stopping at third base adds no more score than striking out.
"You have no right to anything you have not pursued. For the proof of desire is in the pursuit", says Mike Murdock.
Enduring is a…


By:  B. Sanchez
You need tension in your life.
Because there’s such a thing as good tension and bad tension.
Warning: Don’t dream of having zero tension in your life. 
The reason why you can stand up is because there’s tension in your feet, in your ankles, in your knees, in your hips, and in your spine. If there was no tension in your body, you’d be a mound of jello on the floor.
Some people dream of sitting on the beach, lying on a recliner, their feet propped up, sipping a tall glass of orange juice, and playing on their iPads. Do that for one day and you’ll be happy. Do that for one week and there’s an off chance that you’ll still be happy.   Do that for one month and I’m sure you’re bored to death. Do that for one year and I bet you’re going crazy.
If you want to be happy, you need tension in your life. 
And do you know where good tension comes from?
Tension comes from Vision…
This Tension Will Keep You Alive
During World War II, in a Nazi concentration camp, cruel doctors experimented on t…


By:  B. Tracy
Successful people are where they are today as a result of their habits.  Your habits determine fully 95% of your behavior.  Everything that you are or that you will ever accomplish will be determined by the quality of the habits that you form. By creating good habits and becoming goal oriented you can become successful and live a prosperous life.
Successful People Maintain 7 Good Habits Success in human life has been studied by the great thinkers and philosophers for at least 2500 years.  I have personally studied the subject for more than 30 years.  What I have found is that the very best people have good habits. I have identified seven habits that you need to develop if you want to perform at your very maximum in everything you do.
Be Goal Oriented The first is to become goal oriented. You need to be a habitual goal setter, and dedicate yourself to working from clear, written goals every day of your life.  All highly successful people are intensely goal oriented. They know …