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For the past few days, we’ve brought into light the first four (4) disturbing decisions some believers chose to follow which drove them to drift away from the fold of faith. Now, let us proceed further with the remaining subtle causes:
Less-prioritized Devotion:
In today’s fast-paced, modern, and busy world, the most neglected Christian practice or virtue is prayer. Just like Martha in the scripture (Luke 10:41), we are pre-occupied with so many good things that we can no longer sense, determine, or discern if these good things are really the right things for us. Just because an act is good doesn’t necessarily mean that the act is right. Mary, however, did the right thing (Luke 10:42).
I once heard a minister who said, “Prayer is the most important activity of men, yet it is the least activity that men performed.” Sir Francis Kong is right when he said, “Never let the urgent take over the important. Your work is urgent but your God is important.” Remember that God doesn’t want you to pur…


We have been through discussing the first two (2) subtle reasons by which Christians drift away from faith. It was last Friday that we’ve mentioned how unresolved questions and the alluring nature of the world contribute to the believers being swayed to get out of the track. Now let’s move on to the succeeding reasons.
Wrong Company of Friends:
It is really true that as long as we are still in this world, we will always be mingling with people. People with different beliefs, principles, philosophies, and religion will always be just around the corner. They are in our workplaces, schools, neighborhood, communities, and in every places we go. We always meet them and find some as well-meaning individuals and we even befriended a few, if not, a lot of them.
While it is true that we always meet them almost everyday, we shouldn’t be caught off-guard of the way they could possibly influence us one way or the other. We shouldn’t be unaware of the fact that people around could impact us either po…


Last Tuesday, we’ve delved into the likelihood that we’re now on the verge of witnessing the most exciting and equally horrifying experience that men would ever encounter on this planet earth.. The rapture!
One positive sign of this claim is parallel to what the book of Matthew says, that on the lasts days, “... Even the very elect can be deceived” (Matt. 24:24). Please bear with me as we dig further into this.
We’re always been familiar of stories where we heard of fellow Christians drifting away from faith, and this occurs even in our own very churches. We are caught surprised to find out that friends and even relatives whom we esteemed highly succumbed to this dreadful dilemma. More disgusting, of course, if we find ourselves to be in their shoes.
How, then, can we identify the snares so we can avoid or warn others about  them? Here are seven (7) potent reasons to consider, so we can keep ourselves or others away from the bait:
The Alluring  World:
The world has myriad of things to off…


Early this morning, we’ve just finished conducting our second day Dawnwatch prayer meeting. It’s really a great privilege to be a part of a church which has a heart for prayer.
Before I involved myself in the ministry just a year ago, I’ve learned that they used to conduct this kind of prayer only once each month. I’m so grateful that God gave us a pastor who dared to challenge the conventional by making our Dawnwatch to be a seven days a month prayer meeting. What blessings we may have missed if she did otherwise and just retained the usual one.
Prayer, really, is a very crucial aspect of Christian life, which must be cherished intently by every believer, especially at this very critical period of human existence. I believe that the words of St. Paul admonishing us to devote ourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful (Col. 4:2), is primarily directed and intended to the Church at this very generation of the 21st century.
A closer look, investigation, and observation of what’s curr…