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Early this morning, we’ve just finished conducting our second day Dawnwatch prayer meeting. It’s really a great privilege to be a part of a church which has a heart for prayer.

Before I involved myself in the ministry just a year ago, I’ve learned that they used to conduct this kind of prayer only once each month. I’m so grateful that God gave us a pastor who dared to challenge the conventional by making our Dawnwatch to be a seven days a month prayer meeting. What blessings we may have missed if she did otherwise and just retained the usual one.

Prayer, really, is a very crucial aspect of Christian life, which must be cherished intently by every believer, especially at this very critical period of human existence. I believe that the words of St. Paul admonishing us to devote ourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful (Col. 4:2), is primarily directed and intended to the Church at this very generation of the 21st century.

A closer look, investigation, and observation of what’s currently happening around the world would lead every careful observer to the reality that the much-awaited hope, the glorious return of the Messiah, otherwise known as the Rapture of the Church, is about to unfold to the great amazement and bewilderment of the entire human race.

“I (Jesus) will come again, and take you unto Myself.” – John 14:3

Every believer should never be found innocent nor caught unaware of this very truth. No specific date and time was given by the scripture as to when this inevitable event will take place, but nevertheless, time and date are of lesser value as long as we’re prepared for this glorious event. Just like an expectant mother who is about to deliver her much-awaited baby on a time she doesn’t know, we too, must be ready for the occurrence of this blessed hope that will transpire at anytime we also really don’t know. At any rate, almost all the signs were already been there, so we must be on guard.

Being just informed of this fact is one thing, but being watchful is another and the most important thing of all. We cannot afford to stay passive and just merely wait. We need to take our stand to reach out, pray, intercede, and stand in the gap in behalf of God’s people. We are already been warned that in the last days, the love of many shall grow cold because iniquity shall abound (Matt. 24:12).

“... Even the very elect shall be deceived.” – Matt. 24:24

The need to pray for the leaders of the church, workers of the vineyard, loved ones, relatives, friends, neighbors, people in the government and the marketplace, the nation, and all the unbelievers, is of utmost importance at this point in time. We need to implore with great lamentation that God would carry out supernatural divine interventions so that countless people should come into repentance and enter in the kingdom and loving embrace of the Savior and LORD, Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, we should remain steadfast, responsible, accountable, and do other important aspects of the normal life, but this time, we will be more prudent and focus all the more on the things of the above rather than the things below. We will continue to fix our eyes on the Author and Finisher of our faith, knowing that in no other way can the entire human race be saved except through Him alone (John 14:6).

Meanwhile, let us reserve every controversy to the doubtful, but for us as believer, we will continue to pray, obey, and keep praying until we can pray no more because we are already caught up with Him in the clouds.

Have a blessed day/evening!!


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