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Just yesterday, me and my wife, Olive have gone through some sort of petty argument over something which made us not talk with each other for a while. You know, we’ve been married for almost seventeen years now and I’ve already discovered that marriage life is not always that smooth every day. Though we’ve always wanted to, things don’t frequently come that way. Irritation do really come, and I surmise that’s just part of God’s way in making relationship grow and truly work as long as everything is seen in the perspective of love.
Thank God that as of this writing, everything is getting better and things were all settled by now. Consequently, the incident inspired me to write something about marriage.
Experts say that there are about eight (8) wonders in the world today. As we all know, among the list is the Great Wall of China, the towering pyramids of Egypt, another two (2), of course, here in the Philippines, including the Rice Terraces in Banaue, etcetera.
Authorities may be right, b…


The Lenten season is one of the few things cherished by most Filipinos. It is during this period that they take a long break and enjoy their vacation from tedious work especially that this season falls right during summer. They love to spend the holiday in beaches, resorts, and other pleasant places where they invest time with their families, friends, relatives, and loved ones.
It is also during this season that some Catholics, tourists, and observers throng in known places like Pampanga to witness the traditional re-enactment of the passion of Christ. They enjoy seeing plays that portray the suffering Savior represented by individuals who made a pre-arranged vow to be beaten, whipped, hanged, and nailed on a tree/ cross. Other devotees visit familiar places like Pangasinan to pay homage on what they believe to be of sacred value. These practices, along with other rituals, were believed to be observed to gain favor from Deity.
I don’t want to question the motives nor prejudge the intent…


In a free nation like U.S. whose government embraces Democracy, it’s really a great privilege for the citizens to choose their leaders to run the government by exercising their right of suffrage through election. Through this event, the people shall have the opportunity to vote for leaders of their choice. This is also the chance to remove from power politicians who were proven incompetent and ineffective. Citizens are hopeful that through this exercise, their lives will get better once the leaders they elected got the majority of the votes, declared winners, and shall soon govern the nation.
But what are the usual scenarios once the election has been held and elected officials already sat in power? At first, the people’s expectation is high, confident that the promises made and given to them shall be delivered. But unfortunately, sooner or later, promises made to them become all fairy tales, broken, and they end up frustrated, exploited, and disappointed.
This summer in May, my beloved…


The story is told about a certain lady named Mila. Mila is working in a company for two years. Sensing other opportunity outside, she resigned from her job and grab the one opened up for her. After a year of working from this job, she again left her second job and look for a third one, then for a fourth one, fifth one and so on.
Not finding real satisfaction from her job as an employee, she put up her own business and started out excited as an employer. However, after less than a year of running her business, Mila wants to leave and go to work again as an employee.
Anyone you know like Mila? The story looks familiar, isn’t it? In fact, there are a lot of Milas in the world today, running from one job to another. After encountering a little hardship here, a little friction there with their boss and co-workers, they immediately run. A little irritation would trigger them to escape and take the shortest route. What they thought to be an easy road, however, would actually turn out to be a “…


GOD is really good He uses various ways to speak to us and give His message to His people. Usually, God speaks to us through His Word in the Bible and sometimes He taps other people to bring to us what He wants us to know. In other times He even utilizes dreams to make us aware that He has something important to tell us.
Just while ago I was awakened by a dream. In my dream I was in a place where I was taking a course/ schooling along with my friends/ classmates. As we were taking our break for the next subject, I noticed that it’s already time for us to proceed and attend the class but to my surprise, some of my classmates, in fact majority of them, did not even lift a finger to show that they will go and attend the next class.
Five minutes have passed and they are still busy doing their own thing seemingly unmindful that we were on schooling. Another five minutes have passed, and this time I decided to go ahead of them and attend the class, anyway, even without them.
As I was walking t…


By:  Z. Ziglar
Wait on the LORD; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the LORD! – Psalm 27: 14
WAITING IS INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT. Author and pastor Charles Swindoll says it’s the hardest thing Christians have to do. Because we live in an instant society, we’re not used to waiting for anything. But God uses the discipline of waiting to teach us lessons we can’t learn any other way.
Sometimes God puts the brakes on our plans because He wants to teach us an important lesson and He has to get our attention. Occasionally, God puts up a stop sign to keep us from going in a certain direction because He wants to redirect us. Quite often, we’re so sure we’re headed the right way that we won’t listen unless He stops us dead in our tracks. Of course, we sometimes need God to grab us and stop the runaway train of our lives because we’ve sinned and we need to repent.
Waiting can be especially difficult when it seems as if everything in our lives is stuck at a red light…