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By:  Z. Ziglar

Wait on the LORD; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the LORD! – Psalm 27: 14

WAITING IS INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT. Author and pastor Charles Swindoll says it’s the hardest thing Christians have to do. Because we live in an instant society, we’re not used to waiting for anything. But God uses the discipline of waiting to teach us lessons we can’t learn any other way.

Sometimes God puts the brakes on our plans because He wants to teach us an important lesson and He has to get our attention. Occasionally, God puts up a stop sign to keep us from going in a certain direction because He wants to redirect us. Quite often, we’re so sure we’re headed the right way that we won’t listen unless He stops us dead in our tracks. Of course, we sometimes need God to grab us and stop the runaway train of our lives because we’ve sinned and we need to repent.

Waiting can be especially difficult when it seems as if everything in our lives is stuck at a red light, but He may be preparing a person or a situation so that when we proceed again He can work even more powerfully.

To us, waiting seems like a waste – or worse, it feels like things will never be right again. When we have to wait, we shouldn’t just sit and fritter away the time. We should pursue God with all our hearts, try to determine the reason God wants us to wait, and trust His goodness and timing because He is, after all, God.


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