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It’s So Wonderful to Just to Be Yourself

When I was still at the age between 7 to 13, how I wish I could just be like Batman, Ironman, Superman or any of the comic and cartoon heroes. At age 21, I dreamed of becoming like the Ayalas, Marcos, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump or any of the iconic names in the political and business world. I thought there’s a feeling of security within me should I be one among these prestigious individuals.
What is it that makes us dream of becoming somebody endowed with power, strength, extraordinary qualities, feats and achievement? Is it our way of escaping from reality that we temporarily fill the void within us by way of daydreaming? Whatever the reasons maybe, one thing is sure. We cannot become somebody we are not. Yes, we can imitate some of them (political and business figures) by observing the principles they applied towards accomplishment, but definitely, we cannot be like them.
Each individual person is created unique and especial so we cannot just mimic somebody else, and at the same time…