Sunday, June 9, 2013

It’s So Wonderful to Just to Be Yourself

When I was still at the age between 7 to 13, how I wish I could just be like Batman, Ironman, Superman or any of the comic and cartoon heroes. At age 21, I dreamed of becoming like the Ayalas, Marcos, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump or any of the iconic names in the political and business world. I thought there’s a feeling of security within me should I be one among these prestigious individuals.

What is it that makes us dream of becoming somebody endowed with power, strength, extraordinary qualities, feats and achievement? Is it our way of escaping from reality that we temporarily fill the void within us by way of daydreaming? Whatever the reasons maybe, one thing is sure. We cannot become somebody we are not. Yes, we can imitate some of them (political and business figures) by observing the principles they applied towards accomplishment, but definitely, we cannot be like them.

Each individual person is created unique and especial so we cannot just mimic somebody else, and at the same time, be guaranteed to receive real happiness. You are you, so what makes you think that masquerading would make a difference. The truth is, it’s so wonderful to just to be yourself.

Here are three (3) reasons why being true to oneself is imperative in life:

#1  It draws respect within us that further brings happiness.
     Hypocrisy is deceptive.  We may make others admire us or let them be impressed by our pretentious act but, ultimately, at the deep recesses of your being, you know what is true. And unless our relationship is genuine, bliss is remote.

#2  It makes us recognize and know our very selves and further allows us to identify the value of others.
     Knowing our weaknesses humble us in recognizing the value of others. Since everybody has each own strengths and weaknesses, the opportunity to complement each other shall surface, allowing us to realize our need for one another. We shall bind to help and support each other in our weak areas and we will be using our strengths for the benefit of those who are weak in certain areas.

#3  It causes us to thrive and grow by directing our focus on what’s really important.
     Having the knowledge of who we really are, we can now identify where to invest more of our limited time. To spend our precious time on the trivial things of life is unwise while directing it on our priorities and strengths is prudent. To heed the words of Myles Munroe is crucial. He said, “You weren’t born to do everything.”

Though we cannot do everything, we can do something. Life is so short for us to attempt doing everything. We cannot be happy on that venture. A statement from the book of Psalm is wise to heed.

“Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” – Psalm 90:12

Focusing our time and energy on our strengths make us excel and grow towards our real gifting, talents, and abilities which further catapult us to fulfill our respective purposes and callings.

I remember Lieutenant Colonel Peralta, my former military Commander, who once said, “Nobody has the monopoly of knowledge. Hence, we need each other to accomplish our mission.”

Colonel Peralta is right. I now realized that I will only be happy doing the few things which I enjoy carrying out, because that’s my lot, than performing a lot of things that only stress me out (because they aren’t mine to perform).

Happiness would never elude someone who remains to be himself, honest to himself, and places himself only on the niche of his calling. I may never be like Ironman, Superman, or Trump, I know I’m still fulfilled because I exude my real portion to the world. That’s why, it’s so wonderful to just to be yourself.

Have a blessed day/evening to all!! 

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