Tuesday, March 6, 2012


By:  J. E. Tada

“Once upon a time there was a kitchen drawer full of knives, forks and spoons.”

The group of disabled boys and girls, sitting in wheelchairs and leaning on crutches, was fascinated. They could tell this would be no ordinary story.

“Amongst the flatware, there was one spoon all twisted and bent. He didn’t look like the others. That’s why the spoons in the drawer made fun of him, taunting, ‘You’re no good … Who’s going to use you?!’ The little bent spoon couldn’t help but feel sad.”

As I told the story and looked deep into the eyes of the children with cerebral palsy, sitting bent and twisted in their wheelchairs, I thought I saw a glimmer of empathy. Could they know how the spoon felt?

“The little spoon looked a lot like this one,” I said as my friend held up my “spork,” a utensil with serrated prongs that someone inserts into my hand splint so I can feed myself. (It’s deformed, but the angle is perfect for lifting food from my plate to my mouth).

“But one day the drawer opened and a big hand reached inside. Instead of choosing a shiny, straight spoon, the master of the household picked … the ugly bent spoon! The rest of the flatware were amazed. And as the bent spoon was lifted out of the drawer, he beamed with pleasure. He was about to be used by the master.”

The boys and girls giggled. They watched my friend place the spork in my hand splint and smiled to see me lift my arm to feed myself.

“And children, I wouldn’t be able to eat were it not for this special spoon. True, it doesn’t look ‘normal,’ and it doesn’t fit in the utensil tray with all the other knives and forks. But there’s no way I’ll ever want to ‘straighten it out.’”

The kids were fascinated. “The important thing to remember is this: The Master loves choosing people who are different to do His good work. Jesus knows He can use us when He bends us to suit His will … He can best use us when we’re shaped for His special design.”

My friend placed my spork back in my handbag. But the lesson remained of God’s love (as well as His purpose!) for boys and girls who look different. A twisted spoon … and the bent body of a child … all have a unique and special purpose when placed in the Master’s hand.


  1. What a wonderful story. God bless you.

    1. thanks so much, JT.. have a nice day & GOD bless :-)


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