Thursday, September 19, 2013

If I Were The Devil

By:  F. Kong

Paul Harvey wrote this thought provoking article entitled: “IF I WERE THE DEVIL.” Listen to this carefully.

If I were the devil, I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world;

I would delude their minds into thinking that they had come from man's effort, instead of God's blessings;

I would promote an attitude of loving things and using people, instead of the other way around;

I would dupe entire states into relying on gambling for their state revenue;

I would convince people that character is not an issue when it comes to leadership;

I would make it legal to take the life of unborn babies; I would make it socially acceptable to take one's own life, and invent machines to make it convenient;

I would cheapen human life as much as possible so that the life of animals are valued more than human beings;

I would take God out of the schools, where even the mention of His name was grounds for a lawsuit;

I would come up with drugs that sedate the mind and target the young, and I would get sports heroes to advertise them; I would get control of the media, so that every night I could pollute the mind of every family member for my agenda; I would attack the family, the backbone of any nation.

I would make divorce acceptable and easy, even fashionable.  If the family crumbles, so does the nation;

I would compel people to express their most depraved fantasies on canvas and movie screens, and I would call it art; I would convince the world that people are born homosexuals, and that their lifestyles should be accepted and marveled; I would convince the people that right and wrong are determined by a few who call themselves authorities and refer to their agenda as politically correct;

I would persuade people that the church is irrelevant and out of date, and the Bible is for the naive;

I would dull the minds of religious folks, and make them believe that prayer is not important, and that faithfulness and obedience are optional;  And then Paul Harvey ended his material by saying his last line.

“I guess I would leave things pretty much the way they are. ”

Darwin’s theory of evolution says that man came from animals and that they are forever progressing into a higher form. One look at our headlines and we realize that mankind is not getting any better. The sad fact is that there are many heinous things that human beings do to each other that even the animals do not do.

I guess Ruth Graham said it correctly. She said that if God does not pronounce judgment on America then He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. Strong statements. God is merciful and He is still currently extending His grace – inviting people to come to His kingdom. But this does not go on forever.

And yet the person who has connected into a personal intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ no longer fears His coming. He knows Christ is coming yet his lips say: “Even so come Lord Jesus.” God has written the first chapter of human history. He writes the last one too. And by the way, before we forget. History essentially is His Story. And for that reason alone, I am glad and comforted.

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