Monday, October 14, 2013

The Real Safe Sex

By:  F. Kong

One day, a conversation between a teenager and his grandfather was heard. The young man said, "Gee Grandpa, your generation didn't have all these social diseases. You did not have AIDS during your time. What did you wear to have safe sex?"

       The wise old gentleman replied, "A wedding ring."

       Now, doesn't that make sense or what?

       Sex today is presented as a fulfillment of the animal lust inside every man and is hardly ever presented as a sacred bond of union inside the institution of marriage. You don't even need to go to church or attend a service to hear your priest or pastor say this. Just watch the movies and all those television shows and you will see that sex has been degraded.

       The young people of today are confused like never before. The more we still have to remind them that sex is God's invention. It is a beautiful thing as long as it is kept within the bounds of marriage. It enhances the relationship of husband and wife and it is within God's design for all to follow.

       It is my responsibility, therefore, to guide my kids and explain sex to them even as they reach their age of maturity. If I don't teach them early in life, then somebody else will and most often, it will come in a distorted form.

       Many business people I know are very good in their product presentations and are good communicators. Yet when it comes to talking about sex with their kids, they stutter, they stammer and worst, they stop communicating. A fundamental principle in good management says that we are to give importance to proper communication. There is never a moment more important than this--to communicate to our kids what God's design is for sex and marriage.

       I knew a guy some years ago. He was very intelligent. He knew a lot about computers long before I ever knew how to punch the keyboard. He was good looking, articulate and had a photographic memory. One look at him and you know he has all it takes to succeed in life.

       Later on, when he got married, the truth about him came out. He couldn't remain faithful to his wife. He would go into flings with various women and then end each relationship with a bitter aftertaste. Never satisfied with any woman, he continued having sex with one after another.

       I later discovered the reason why. As a kid, he was taught sex in a very wrong way. His family owned a massage parlor and almost every night, his father brought him there to watch him "do it" with different women. This was his father's idea of "sex education." When he reached 15, the father gave him his first woman. He never recovered after that. To him, sex is nothing but a cheap thrill. Because of that, he was never able to live a normal life. He would be successful in his career until such as time when he would mess up his life by having affairs with the girls he was working with. You know what? The man is practically a handicap. And I certainly know the reason why.

       Sex is beautiful. It is God's design and invention. Sex is not something you do every time you attend a convention somewhere. Sex is not messing up with the people you work with whether in the office or in the field. Sex is not a purchase order given to one of those poor young girls making a living along Quezon Avenue at night. Sex is not a peep show you watch through the convenience of the Internet or Pay TV. Sex is to be an expression of great intimacy with the person God has given you within the bounds of marriage. Times are difficult as it is and you don't need another messy liaison to complicate life. Watch your kids, too. You don't want to have another sexual handicap walking the streets of our city, not now nor in the immediate future.

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