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How To Find Your Niche (Purpose) In Life?

By:  B. Sanchez

People ask all the time, “I don’t know God’s purpose for my life.” But it’s really easy.

Let me help you.

I tell them, “The easiest way for you to know God’s purpose is to look for the intersection between your passion and your potential.” In other words, find alignment.

Fulfilling your purpose may or may not to earn you money. And that’s okay. Life is not about earning money. This was my experience. For 20 years, I didn’t earn from the intersection of my passion and potential—which was speaking. It was pure ministry. I would speak anywhere and everywhere for free. I was very happy but very poor. With my finances, I could never raise my family or give more to the ministry.

So one day, I decided to go into business. To earn money, I sold hotdogs, squid balls, ice cream, memorial plans, and even engine oil. All those businesses failed. Why? Because I went out of my two circles of passion and potential…

To earn money, I had to go back to my core—the intersection of my passion and potential. But I had to do something else. If I wanted to prosper financially, I had to add one more circle. (I borrowed this idea from Jim Collins’ book, Good To Great—just changed the terms). The “Peso” circle consists of the various ways I could earn. I asked myself, “Where can I earn the most?” 


I realized that I could earn the most at that sweet spot where these three circles intersect. That sweet spot for me was still communication, but this time, I needed to find a way to monetize it. Obviously, even to this day, MOST of my speaking is still for free. I speak at the Feast each week without pay. But once a month, I’m invited by companies to speak and they pay me more than what I used to earn in a year.

Let me end with one last story…

Know What You Want

There’s this one very special restaurant in Singapore that my friends loved. In fact, its Hainanese chicken is so over-the-top and out-of-this-world, the restaurant has become a minor tourist attraction. If you visit Singapore, you have to visit this simple restaurant. 

And my two friends loved this restaurant so much, they had this crazy idea. They wanted to be the franchisee of this restaurant here in the Philippines.

 So they flew to Singapore to talk to the owner. And that was when they learned that they weren’t the first people to think of the crazy idea. They were last in a long line of people. The owner mentioned some very wealthy Filipinos who already visited him, wanting to buy the franchise. These Filipinos were huge institutions in the restaurant industry, the best of the best.

But for some reason, the owner turned all of them down.

Obviously, my friends were shaken. “If he turned down these gigantic Philippine restaurants, he’s going to turn us down too!”

But that’s when they received the shock of their life. After their long conversation with the owner, he looked at my two friends and announced, “I’ll give you the franchise for the Philippines.”

Later on, they learned why.

The owner used one big question to decide. He asked every applicant, “If I give you the franchise, who will come here to Singapore—to get trained in my kitchen—for 4 straight months?”

The other applicants—very wealthy business people—said, “We will send our best chefs for your training program.”

KBZZZZZZT! Wrong answer.

But when my friends were asked the same question, they raised their hands and said, “We’ll go!” In other words, they said, “We’ll forget whatever we’re doing in the Philippines and focus only on one thing—your restaurant.”

Are You Willing To Give Up Everything?

The restaurant owner was a very wise man. He was looking for people who know what they wanted.

I believe God is like that restaurant owner. He wants you to franchise his love in this world. He’s looking for His representatives. And He too is looking for an alignment between passion, potential, and purpose!

Passion means knowing what you want and giving everything you’ve got to get it. Passion is saying to yourself and to the universe, “This is what I want, and I’m betting my entire life on this. I’m putting my time, my future, and my comfort at stake here. I’m unloading all my guns. I’m holding nothing back. I’m sacrificing everything on the altar!”

That restaurant is now in the Philippines—and they’re full every single day.   They’re so full, you can’t get in without a reservation. It’s a smashing success. Why? 

Because there was alignment.

Let me ask you today… 

Do you know what you want?

Do you want it bad enough?

God waits for your answer.

I love saying this: When you want something bad enough, nothing much can stop you. As the Bible says, If you are unable to make up your mind and are undecided in all you do, you must not think that you will receive anything from the Lord. (James 1:7-8)




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