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By:  C. Davis

 “To obey is better than sacrifice …”1 Samuel 15:22 (NIV)

Life is full of meaningful moments, days and events. Often, when thinking of anniversary moments, we think of weddings, birthdays, deaths, and other special events which impact our lives.

A while back, an interesting discussion took place at church regarding the high price of gasoline ($4.19/gallon at the time) and how it would affect travel to out-of-town weddings and graduation parties. The majority felt it would be less expensive to not travel, and add extra to a money gift.

Suddenly, my husband Wade, popped up from his seat and said, “I have a story to share!” He told of a man who had faithfully attended an out of town archery shoot for ten years. It was one of the biggest in the Midwest and he looked forward to it every year.

One day he opened his mail and found an invitation to a graduation party for the same weekend. This man was immediately filled with conflict over which event to attend. The graduate was the daughter of a close friend he had known since he was 3-years-old. On the other hand, the archery shoot had been a top priority in his life for many years; one he anticipated with great excitement as it involved an extended weekend of camping, shooting and renewing friendships. What a dilemma!

When he sought advice from his friends at work, they suggested sending a card and some money. “After all, they only want the money,” was the consensus. The man agreed, and yet he couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling he should go to the party.

A few seconds passed; then Wade quietly shared . . . “That man was me. Had I just sent the check, I would have missed out on a big blessing!” he reflected, as he pointed toward me. Yes, we met at that graduation party, married two years later, and recently celebrated our ten year anniversary.

As he ended, the story brought to mind a favorite scripture, “… choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve . . . But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

Wade made a choice that year to be obedient to the prodding of the Holy Spirit. Even though he was a new Christian, he knew in his heart an important choice must be made. He chose to sacrifice an exciting weekend and the desires of his own heart to make a decision that would have positive, lasting consequences far beyond both of our imaginations.

Choices made correctly result in blessings, both seen and unseen. However, incorrect choices can be, and most likely will be, “blessing-blockers”. What choices are before you today? What blessings could you missing?

Father God, so many choices come our way daily, even hourly. We pray for your heavenly guidance and wisdom in making these decisions. Holy Spirit, we thank you for your counsel and direction. And Lord Jesus, most of all, we give thanks for your sacrifice for us; so undeserving are we of your love, mercy and grace. Amen.


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