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By:  S. Chavis

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. John Kabat-Zin

One of the things I have tried to do is learn how to live better and better in what seems to be a sometimes crazy world. As I got older, it became pretty obvious that this was an “opportunity area” for me. Despite the fact I had reached adulthood, there were still lessons (and plenty of them) for me to learn.

Life has a way of pointing you in the right direction and doing its very best to give you the lessons you need, but I realized you’ve got to really be paying attention and willing to make changes anytime you notice something is off.

So, that’s why I have committed to Living Today Better than Yesterday and if you haven’t already joined me, I really hope you will consider doing so.

If we are going to really live in this world and not just “exist” or get entangled in all the drama and the stuff that in the end just isn’t all that important, we’ve got to have a way to go about things and move through each day in the best way possible.

Here’s a list of things we really want to make sure we have mastered.

1. Really live and experience the moment in front of you.

2. Learn the lesson the first time around (no need for re-runs).

3.  Ignore the Chief Negativity Officer in your mind that tries to talk you out of things and makes you doubt what you can accomplish.

4. Forgive people as soon as possible (even the ones that don’t apologize).

5. Know exactly how to avoid and break out of any Infinite Loops.

6. Always be confident that more and more wonderful things are coming your way regardless of the challenges that may arise.

7. Never be disappointed when one door closes because you understand you are being redirected to something so much better.

8. Accomplish things you at first thought were impossible.

9. See the perfection in imperfection.

10. Let go of any worries because you completely trust the way things unfold.

11. Never focus too much on what happened and instead focus on those things that will move you forward.

12. Bring your Extraordinary Side to every single moment – everything you say, think and do.

13. Take steps every single day to get where you want to be.

14. Regret nothing about your experiences and learn everything you can from them.

15. Continually rethink what’s really possible because you know that life is filled with infinite possibilities.

16. Figure out and follow your own truth.

17. Never question “Why Me?” and instead ask yourself “What’s the lesson in this situation?”

18. Take steps forward despite the fears that may be weighing you down.

19. Love and enjoy the people around you.

20. Have infinite hope and infinite patience when it comes to the things you are passionate about.

21. Strike the balance of being able to look forward to tomorrow while also appreciating exactly where you are.

22. Step back and look at every single challenge or issue from a different perspective.

23. Never allow someone’s bad behavior to cause you to become someone you’re not.

24. Always let the light overshadow any darkness.

25. Maintain your inner peace despite any craziness happening around you.

26. Continually go after what you want. It’s always too early to think it’s too late.

27. Quiet your mind and be still.

28. Use life’s challenges to help you see who you really are.

29. Refuse to let the junk of yesterday ruin the happiness of today.

30. Know when it’s time to let go — and then do it.

31. Figure out how to respect people you at first didn’t like.

32. Read and listen to the signs that come your way.

33. Take advantage of the possibilities of today.


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