Wednesday, September 19, 2012


By:  K. Hee

I remember many years ago when our church was going through a time of stagnation. Naturally, as the senior pastor, I was troubled. But the Lord gave me a promise. He said, “Kong, if you take the church out of the four walls of your little building and take my anointing into the streets, I will take you out of stagnation and you’ll experience growth like never before.”

That was a huge promise for me to believe and stand on because for years, we hardly had any growth. But in February 1996, I shared that word from God with the church, and together, we stepped out into our community with one basic goal: To find a need and meet it; To find a hurt and heal it.

We started showing the love of Christ to our friends, colleagues, family members and the people we met in our daily lives through the most practical ways, without any pressure to evangelize them to Christianity. In the same manner, we reached out to the poor and the disadvantaged. We cared for the sick, clinging to Jesus’ words, “inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me” (Matt. 25:40).

Once we did that, the spiritual atmosphere in our church began to change. The people that were touched by our efforts became more open to the gospel message, leading to tremendous growth for the church. And as a congregation, we gained a clearer sense of destiny and purpose—to demonstrate the gospel of Jesus wherever we go in our individual lives, effectively impacting the people we meet daily with the practical love of Christ.

So if you want to discover your life’s purpose and destiny, make a decision today to be an ambassador of Christ!

Prayer for the day: 

Pray that as you demonstrate the love of God to others, He will show you your divine destiny!

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