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By:  F. Kong

Thomas Crum has a story to tell. In his book entitled “Journey to Center” he describes his own personal encounter with a great love story – a story of unending love and undying commitment.

One evening I found myself at a conference in Washington, D.C. And as fate would have it, Inventor Bucky Fuller happened to be making a presentation that evening at another conference in the very same hotel. I got to the ballroom in time to hear the end of Buck’s lecture. I was in awe of this little man in his eighties, with his clear mind, deep wisdom and boundless energy. At the end of the talk, we walked together through the underground parking lot to his airport limousine.

“I’ve got to go to New York City for another presentation,” he said, looking at me with an anxiousness that I had rarely seen in Bucky.

      “You know, Annie’s not doing well. I’m very    
        concerned about her.”

We hugged.

Bucky Fuller had once confided to me that he had promised his wife Annie to die before she did, so that he could be there to welcome her when it was her turn. I took the comment as a hope, not a commitment. Which shows how greatly I underestimated Buckminster Fuller.

Shortly after Bucky’s presentation in New York, he was informed that Annie had lapsed into a coma in a hospital in Los Angeles.

Doctors felt that there was a good chance she would not regain consciousness. Bucky took the first flight he could get. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, he went immediately to Annie’s bedside. Sitting beside her, he closed his eyes. And quietly died.

I was reading this story inside my car. I usually do that – beats traffic every time. But the moment I got to the end of the story I simply heard myself saying, “Oh man! Man, oh man.!” Talk about love. Talk about commitment. How did he die? I don’t know. Don’t ask me. The story didn’t tell. What was the cause of death? I don’t know, don’t ask me. It’s no longer important. But it’s one of the most touching love story I have ever read.

What makes it so touching? Think about it. Is it the romance? The emotional glitz? I don’t think so. It’s all about commitment isn’t it?

Today’s understanding of love and romance is so cheap and shallow it’s no longer funny. Boy meets girl, arms lock in embrace, passionate kissing and hugging, behind a scenic spot as boy ran arms outstretched and girl on the other side doing the same then both embracing each other rolling across the sand with the golden sun slowly setting in the horizon. Cheap. Again I say it’s cheap. Happens only in the movies.

Real love is about commitment. Real love is hanging on in there when the pay envelope stops, when sickness takes over health and when the situation goes from difficult to impossible. Real love is all about integrity.

It takes more than romance to have this.

Romance is cheap, commitment is priceless.

Love keeps on going even when times are tough. Husband and wife have to know this.

So the pink slip comes and you’re laid off from your job. Both of you hang in there. So the doctor’s pronouncement confirms what you dread. Your husband’s confined to the wheelchair for the rest of his life. Both of you hold hands and hang in there.

So the business goes down the drain and the debts pile up. Both of you hold hands and hang in there. That’s what love is all about.

One day husband goes home thoroughly shaken and depressed. His wife knew what happened. Husband said, “I’m sorry sweetheart. They’ve let me go. I don’t have a job anymore. We’re poor and we don’t have money.”

The wife held his hands and said, “But you’re wrong my love. We’re rich! The money will come later!” Now that’s love.

Let me give you another example of what love is. It’s got something to do with three words.

The three words from the mouth of the Saviour are: “It is finished!” That’s God’s love when He gave up His Son for us. Jesus didn’t bail out. He hung in there, in fact He hang on the cross.


  1. yes..I agree with what you are saying. and we have the example, in Jesus of what love really does.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. thanks, Anne.. It's really in JESUS ... God bless you :-)


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