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By:  K. Hee

Have you ever had to wait for something for a very long time? Maybe you waited for a job, or for a spouse. Some couples wait for years and years before they are able to have a child. Waiting for something that your heart desires can be extremely difficult.

Abraham had to wait 25 years for God to deliver on His promise to give him a son. With each passing year, it became more difficult for Abraham to believe God’s promise to him. Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were growing old, and it seemed impossible for them to have a child at their age. When God first made His promise to Abraham, it was fresh and real, and it was easier for Abraham to wait expectantly for the promise to be fulfilled. But as the years wore on, Abraham began to doubt God’s promise.

Why didn’t God give Abraham a son five minutes after He made the promise? Why not five years later, or even ten? God is certainly powerful enough to fulfill all of His promises immediately, but He often chooses to make His children wait on His promises. Why? Not to torment us or to prove His superiority over us! But to prepare us and to teach us lessons that bring us toward greater maturity in Him.

Abraham experienced so much during his years of waiting for his son because God was teaching him how to trust Him completely. Finally, in God’s perfect timing, Abraham received a son, Isaac. Imagine the joy in Abraham’s heart when he held his baby boy!

God asks you to wait on His promises to you as well, so that by learning to trust and rest in Him, your heart will be prepared to receive His abundance of joy and blessings.

Prayer for the day: Thank God for the promises He has made to you. Pray that you will grow nearer to Him, and be able to serve Him while you wait for His promises to be fulfilled.


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