Friday, January 13, 2012


By:  Blackaby

Whoever thinks Christians don’t enjoy life doesn’t know what the Christian life is really about! Jesus didn’t come to earth to take away your happiness but to fill your life with a joy that overflows! Jesus was not interested in the kind of joy that the world gives. In the world, joy depends on how things are going. If life is going well, then you can be happy. If life is difficult, joy evaporates. Jesus wants you to be filled with his kind of joy. His joy doesn’t depend on what is happening around you; it depends on what is going on inside you.

No one could rob Jesus of his joy. They could reject him, beat him, even crucify him, but the certainty that he still belonged to God and would be rejoicing his Father in heaven filled him with joy. Christians ought to have more joy than anyone else in the world. We know the living God! We are assured of an eternity with him in heaven!

Jesus isn’t satisfied with your living only a mediocre life. He said he came so you could enjoy life to the fullest (John 10:10). So rejoice! Celebrate! Don’t let anyone convince you that the Christian life should be dull and somber. You are vitally connected to the Creator of life itself. Focus on him – not on what people around you are doing – and you will have the same joy Jesus had.

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