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There was a phrase floating around Christian circles a few years back. You’d see it here and there, on posters and bumper stickers: “A Christian is just one beggar telling another  beggar where to find bread.” Although it presented Christians as humble people, as indeed we should be, this saying wasn’t totally accurate. Christians are not beggars! Christians are wealthy beyond description – wealthy in a way the world doesn’t understand.

Paul had been the epitome of success. He had climbed the ladder pretty well to the top. He was making a name for himself as a mover and shaker in the Jewish world. He had power, influence, and an impressive reputation. Then he met Jesus and his ambition did an about-face. Worldly success no longer meant anything to him. He was content whether he had money or no money, shelter or no shelter, food or no food, because his contentment came from within.

Our society works hard to keep us discontent. Advertisers have one goal: to convince us that we need something. And we fall for it. We work harder and harder to get more and more – then we spot something else we don’t have. More might be better, but it’s still not enough. It’s said that when Alexander the Great conquered the entire known world, he wept because there were no more worlds to conquer!

We need to learn that outward things will never satisfy our inner longing for contentment ... Only God can do that.

If you’ve been dissatisfied with your circumstances, don’t ask God to change your circumstances. Ask Him to change your heart. 


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